Wednesday, January 26, 2011


   ❤Let's make 2011 an amazing year of growth❤
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 ~There's always room for growth~

Growth is the result of responding to change in a positive way.
Many of the things in which we face are not fun.
We all go through hardships, trouble and calamity.
This world is full of adversity and difficult situations.
We must look at each adversity as an opportunity for growth.
You may have had a situation in your own life where you thought that it was all a big waste of time, and energy.
You may be questioning why you ever had to go through what you did.
Well, for every adversity that you go through, there is always the seed of equal or greater benefit.
A seed has to be crushed and broken in the ground before it can begin to grow.
If you have been crushed lately by someone or something, it's time to GROW.
It's time to look for a way to respond positively to this situation.
It may not be easy, but it must be done.
Too many people spend too much time wallowing, 
and not moving on.
Hold your head high. Rise above the situation.

A new day is dawning. Look forward to a better time.
You have done your best. Forget the rest.
This is growth.
We struggle, we learn, we overcome.
~~ Author Unknown ~~

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  1. This is an amazing entry and one that I completely identify with at this exact moment in time. Thank you for this lovely blog post!

  2. Thanks so much guys!! This message really meant a lot to me as well :)
    Always moving forward, striving to better oneself.