Monday, February 21, 2011

Father's Day is Just Around the Corner...

Well, sorta... 
It's always best to be prepared anyway ;)

Looking for a great Father's Day gift? 
Or anytime you need an awesome gift for that special man in your life, 
whether he be your Dad, Grandpa or Husband, 
these keychains are just perfect! 
Handmade glass tile keychains are sure to make him smile =)   

Arrives to you, beautifully gift wrapped.
Ready to give!!!

© 2011 amysbodydecor

Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Business.. New Business Card!

With the opening of my new business..

Fine Art Photography ..from the heart.

Check it out!!!

 I thought it'd be a great idea 
to have my current business cards back printed for the new shop.  
Like two cards in one!!  
Double spam :P

So in the process I decided to re-design my current card.  

I'm new, 
brand spankin' new to photoshop.  
Have absolutely NO idea what I'm doing!! 
It's fun though.. 
except the occasional headache :P

So here's what I came up with!
I'm really happy with it :)

My new business card:

 Back Print:

© 2011 amysbodydecor

Friday, February 4, 2011

How To Make A Wish

You can wish upon a falling star
And even though it’s very far,
Wishing on a star, they say.
Will help your wish come true some day

You can toss a coin in a wishing well
Then say your wish to cast a spell
(Some folks believe their wish is granted
Since wishing wells can be enchanted.)

You can wish on a dandelion gone to seed
A white, puffy dandelion’s the kind you’ll need
You think of your wish as you blow off the fluff
Just one big breath is usually enough
To send your wish sailing off on the breeze
( I do hope that dandelions don’t make you sneeze.)

Of course, you know when your birthday arrives
That is a wonderful wish-making time
You think of your wish in the candles’ warm glow
Then take a deep breath, and 1, 2, 3, blow
As the candles go out, and the smoke twirls and twists
It’s holding and lifting and carrying your wish
Off to that place where desires are grown
Off to wish central, and the wish-raising zone
Where wishes are cared for, once they’ve been planted
Awaiting the time when they’re due to be granted.

Thanksgiving’s another good wish-making time.
Because turkeys have wishbones, which, after they’ve dried
You can use in a contest with someone like you
Who also is hoping a wish will come true
You just hold onto one end of the wishbone real tight
Your friend grabs the other for a tug-of-war fight.
Then you both pull real hard till the bone splits in two
The one with the biggest piece wins. That’s the rule.

But what do you do when November is past.
And your birthday was celebrated the month before last.
What can you do if no wishing well’s near
And it’s not yet the dandelion time of the year

You can still make a wish. It’s quite simple to do.
Just close your eyes tight for a second or two.
Pretend it’s the future, imagine you’re seeing
The wish that you longed for has come into being.
Hold onto that thought, don’t let it depart
Then carefully put it away in your heart
The experts on wishing things haven’t a doubt
That’s the best way for having a wish come about
And you’ll see before long that while wishbones are fun
And blowing out candles might get the job done
And though dandelions, wishing wells and stars are fine too
To have a wish thrive, well, that’s up to you
Cause the wish that is given a chance to succeed
The wish that is given just what it needs
The wish that is likely great joy to impart
Is the wish that’s been given a place in your heart.

~Lynn M. Duriga

© 2011 amysbodydecor

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Improving Product Photography

I'm not a professional photographer..  Just getting that fact out of the way!

Which also brings up the point, "If I can do this, ANYBODY can"!!!
I have by no means mastered photography, 
but I believe each day my photos get just a little better.  
I'm always working towards improving, trying my best, which is all I can do :)

However I am often inquired of for product photography tips.
So here is what works for me...

First off, you'll need a table top studio, or light box of some sorts.
You can easily make a light box using any DIY tutorial.
Like this one: How To: DIY $10 Macro Photo Studio.
Or you can purchase a table top studio, complete with lights and tripod.
Like this one: Deluxe Table Top Photo Studio.
This is what I have recently purchased after using a DIY light box for about a year. Both work equally great!

Next you will need a nice background.  I really like using paper.. like scrap booking paper.  It creates a nice smooth surface and the options of color, texture, designs are endless!! One of my Fav's is glitter paper!
Here is an example using black textured paper:

If you are looking for a nice clean white "disappearing" type background, white poster board is the best!
As seen here:

I tend to stay away from the use of props for my product photos.  While they can look nice and artistic, to me they are a distraction from the product.  I like to keep it clean and simple. :)

Next you'll need to set your camera settings for taking close up, macro, photos.
Your camera should have a macro (little flower) setting.  Using that setting, along with NO FLASH will give you the best results.

Here's the fun part! Getting creative using different camera angles and trying out different product positions.

Lastly, some minor photo editing may be necessary.  If you aren't familiar with photo editing, it's really easy.  I used to do all mine in iphoto but have recently moved on to photoshop.  There's also free software out there you can use, such as picasa, GIMP, and picnik.  If you already have a Flickr account, you can edit in picnik right there!!  I do that a lot as well ;)
Don't be afraid to try out all the settings, testing everything.  Seeing what works, and what doesn't.  That's how I figured out what works for me, and remember.. you can always revert back to original!!

Oh, and of course, Have Fun!!!