Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Business.. New Business Card!

With the opening of my new business..

Fine Art Photography ..from the heart.

Check it out!!!

 I thought it'd be a great idea 
to have my current business cards back printed for the new shop.  
Like two cards in one!!  
Double spam :P

So in the process I decided to re-design my current card.  

I'm new, 
brand spankin' new to photoshop.  
Have absolutely NO idea what I'm doing!! 
It's fun though.. 
except the occasional headache :P

So here's what I came up with!
I'm really happy with it :)

My new business card:

 Back Print:

© 2011 amysbodydecor


  1. I love the new business cards! We gotta get busy passing out the "old" new ones (as soon as we get 'em) so you can get the "new" new ones! LoL

  2. I like the look of them. They are easy to read... and by having them both on one card it saves you time and saves trees as well. Bravo!