Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The ArtFire Daily Collection

How exciting!!
Was featured in The ArtFire Daily Collection via email. :)

I'm honored to be included in this gorgeous collection,
Caribbean Escape, curated by the talented Swank.

Congratulations to the winner AAC-320
If you haven't signed up for these collections via email, 
and your chance for $100 gift certificate to any Pro ArtFire studio, 
you can do so here: ArtFire Collection of the Day

© 2011 amysbodydecor


  1. That is awesome Amy...this is such a pretty of my favorite colors.


  2. Congrats that is so exciting! Hopefully that boosted your views in store and getting more sales! :)

  3. Thanks so much!
    Woke to find my incoming url's was flooded with email url's, had over 20 item and shop Fav's... was confused till I saw the email collection!! lol
    Nice exposure for sure :)

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  6. Wow...that is exciting! I am now following you from the hop and would love a follow back at
    Thank You:)