Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer Days at Celebration!

Over the weekend we took the kids out to Celebration, Florida to play. 
Such a beautiful community and there's so many fun things for the kids!

 We went on a nature walk around a couple of the lakes out there. 
They have a new walking trail with boardwalks
connecting the lakes through the woods.  

We found so many cool things!!

A lizard that winked at me! Was he hittin' on me?!!!

There were hundreds of Lubber Grasshopper's!!
The kids had a blast trying to catch them.. so funny,
once they did they didn't know what to do with them!!
These were piggy backin'

Lots of them were climbing up the trees looking for fresh leaves to eat.
Can you spot him?? Where's Waldo the grasshopper?! lol

The squirrels were very friendly towards humans!
Occasionally they would jump down to the boardwalk right beside us
and actually scare us!!
This one posed for me as I was only about a foot away... 
Looked like he was contemplating jumping at me?!!!

We even spotted a tree with a heart in it!!

Towards the end of our walk as we were heading back into town
we spotted a baby alligator!
I was too scared to get down closer to the water to get a better shot
as momma may be lurking around?!
Wonder if this black bird wanted gator tail for lunch?!
Probably the other way around!!!

It was such a scorching hot day!
After the hike we took the kids down to the fountains
to play in the water and cool off. 
There was actually a "No Diving" sign.. lmao...

I just LOVE summer days <3

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