Saturday, November 10, 2012

Homemade Birthday Cake: Green Army Men

My "Baby Boy" is five... omg, FIVE! =-O
I usually make their birthday cake, homemade.
Theme of their choice, and we have fun with it!
Since he had Batman last year,
next best thing this year is "shooting men!"
So we went with a Green Army Men/Camo style.

Started with a simple 13x9 baked cake.
I frosted entire top with light green frosting.
(Vanilla frosting plus about 5 drops of green food coloring.)
I added drops of additional food coloring to make the camo look.
I used green and black along with an olive green shade I made 
just mixing some colors. lol

My son helped me place the toys where he liked.
We also used Chocolate Sanding Sugar, cause it looks cool and tastes yummy!

Then Mommy had fun taking some photos ;)

We had fun and the party guests loved it!!
Happy 5th Birthday Braden!

{At bedtime he said he had "too good of a day, too much fun" <3}

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